While we were in El Salvador working on the house, the church had local ladies that cooked for us.  Honestly we did not have a bad meal.   The church made sure the cooks washed everything in water that was safe for us drink there by removing the threat of parasites.  Our first meal was grilled chicken, rice, tortillas, fried cheese and steamed broccoli and carrots.  This was the best grilled chicken I have ever had  bar none.  the rice was cooked just right and seasoned with butter and spices.  The only item I could grow to like was the tortillas, they were very bland to me.

Our first meal in El Salvador
Our first meal in El Salvador


Breakfast usually consisted of eggs, ham or sausage, re-fried beans, fruit and bread.  One of the mornings with sausage, we had a wonderful salsa with it. This salsa was spicy and flavorful but not spicy hot.  All of the breakfast were filling and hearty.


The fruit ranged from oranges to pineapple to grilled plantains (my favorite).  I was surprised by the coffee.  I did not think of El Salvador as a coffee growing area, but there is a significant amount it grown there as a cash crop. I found the coffee smoother than some others I have ad from Central America.  The coffee will not replace my normal morning brew here in the states, but it is good.

Dinners were typical El Salvadorian fair. Lots of rice, some pasta for side dishes.  Fried or grilled chicken and fish for main dishes and of course the ever present tortillas.  I think I cleaned my plate at every meal except for the tortillas they were just a little to bland for me.



2 thoughts on “Eating in El Salvador

  1. Oh man, you’re making me miss those delicious El Salvadoran pupusas! If you have time, head to the town of Juayua and visit the food festival over the

    1. I wish! I miss my time in El Salvador. It is just a great country. I really hope to get back there soon. the food was so amazing, the ladies that cooked for us were just out of this world good cooks.

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