I have recently flown Delta on a couple of international and domestic flights and thought I would share some of my current  thoughts about the airline.  these last 6 flight have been the first on Delta in many years.  I was impressed by the first flight, even though it was full and only between Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA the A319 we were on had TVs at every seat and plugs to charge every possible device. Everyone in our group was impressed with this flight even after getting up at 3:00AM to get to the airport.

The second flight of that day was from Atlanta to San Salvador, El Salvador. After the nice airplane from RDU to ATL that morning this plane was a disappointment. Although we did get a small sandwich the rest of the flight was a crowed mess. The inflight magazine I read on the first flight talked about what movies were shown flying to a from Central America. There was no movie on our flight to or from El Salvador. This was the first international flight I have taken where the service was so lack luster.

My next set of flight for a business trip to Atlanta. I worked hard to not need to check luggage, only to get to the gate and get to listen to the gate agent practically beg us to check our carry ons because the flight was so full. This time I also paid attention to the boarding process. I realized that the whole “Boarding Zone” thing is completely false. I watched the agent board the usual pre board folks, then the First Class passengers. The MD 90 that was the aircraft for the day, had 16 first class seats and over 20 people boarded. Then after that all the mega-elite Medallion Level folks started to board. I never imagined that there were that many of them. At least another 30 folks boarded. Then the lower level Medallion members of the SkyMiles program boarded. Finally zone 1 and after that zone 2. By the time I go on board in zone 2, I was glad I had checked my bag, as there was so more room for them on the plane. On the way back to North Carolina on Wednesday of that week, the same thing happen on boarding. Except a group of Delta flight attendants boarded each with 3 or 4 cary on bags. Guess Delta really does not care about the impressions they give to their customers as they provide bag customer experience.

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