IMG_2207This was our first trip to Universal Studios for our family of five. After several trip to Walt Disney world, we have very high expectations for theme parks. The entertainment at both Universal Studios and islands of Adventure is outstanding. The attractions for people tween age to adult are fabulous and the technology used in the Harry potter rides are really amazing.   On this trip I figured out the real difference between Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. At Disney unless you are looking you d not see the “wires”. I not only mean this on the attractions, but also in the parks in general. For instance on the “Cat in the Hat” attraction the wires pushing and pulling things along were obvious, while at WDW   you would need to look to find them.    Another example was on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Don’t get me wrong the ride is an amazing experience for the senses. However at numerous times you could see the mechanics of how it worked and the articulated arm that was flying your or other ride vehicles around, you just don’t notice things like that unless you are looking. During our time in the parks I also noticed several employees sitting in guest area obviously on break, eating or drinking and looking like they wanted to be left alone.

Overall, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure was a fun and we had a good time, but aside from the Harry potter attractions, it is really no different than any other theme park.

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