Walt Disney’s vision of for the studio theme park was for it to be a working studio that the public could tour have the opportunity to peak behind the curtain at how movies are made. That as what the park was like 18 years ago when my wife and I made our first visit to the studios. You really got to sense of a working studio. Today the park has lost that real studio feeling. While I am all for giving the public what it wants, which is more thrill rides I feel Hollywood Studios is losing the movie theme. With the back lot tour now gone, no special effect tour and no “film crews” “working” on the streets the park is more like a movie museum rather than a studio. Don’t get me wrong the attractions like the Rocking Roller Coaster staring Aerosmith are fantastic, and the studio has some of the coolest restaurants on property we had a hard time making a full day out of this park. Some of that is because of the large age gap of our children (7 to 17), but some of it was just simply because there is not enough to do.

The stunt shows at the studio are awesome, Indiana Jones and the Lights Motor Action may be the only vestiges remaining of Walt’s vision sense these two shows still give you that peak into the making of movies and television shows. We always enjoy seeing these shows and laughing at the jokes and seeing how it is all done.

We are all excited to see what will become of the back lot area, and if it will become a new “Land” based on Star Wars as rumored. That will give us a reason to return and add to the day.

Even though I understand the need for a park to change and grow with the wants of the public, I feel that Walt Disney World should keep within the vision and intent of Walt. I would love to see the Disney’s Hollywood Studios move back toward the working studio it set out to be in the beginning. Of course none of this will stop me from returning, just change my planning.

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  1. How true, Walts vision is carelessly being pushed aside to make room for the dollar to rein supreme. If he could only see what his parks have been turned in to, I am sure he would raise his eyebrow then turn away. So much of his dream has been cast aside. Despite the brief resurrection of Walts dreams during what has become known ad the Michael Eisner years, the phrase “What would Walt do”, carries no weight under current management and Bob Iger. Too bad…the mouse is dying…

    1. Ken, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t think Walt would turn away, he would say “that’s not quite right, let’s do better” and fix it.

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