A few weeks ago I wrote about the Decopas Malbec. I really liked that wine so when I had the chance to try their Sauvignon Blanc I jumped at the opportunity.

The first thing I noticed about the Sauvignon Blanc is how clear the wine is in the glass. While it has the golden color you would expect from this variety of grape, I think it is exceptionally clear. In fact this was so clear I could read my notes through the glass of wine.

To the nose this Decopas presents bright floral notes with some citrus hints along with a bit of passion fruit mixed in. This wine comes to the pallet with the taste of lime and other tropical flavors provide this wine its crisp clean taste. A few earthy hints add a slight mineral finish.

Generally I am a red wine guy. I tend to gravitate to the dry reds. However, I can honestly report that I really like this white. This Sauvignon Blanc is dryer than many whites I have tasted. This makes it a great choice to serve either with cheese like brie at a party or with grilled fish such as Mahi-mahi for a meal. Also, this would be very refreshing sitting in a rocking chair on a warm summer night on a porch. That may be the best time to enjoy the Decopas Sauvignon Blanc.

The grapes for this Sauvignon Blanc are grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina. This area ranges in altitude up to about 5000 ft. above sea level. This are at the foothills of the Andes Mountains produces the majority of the wine coming out of Argentina today. The altitude and the rich alluvial soils make for near perfect conditions for growing grapes.

IMG_2565By the Numbers:

ABV 13.1%

Acidity: 7.0 g/l

Average Price: $12.00

Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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