This 100% malbec from the Mendoza Region of Argentina has a deep purple color in the glass.  This is a very drinkable wine with the flavors sweet vanilla, black berries and some pepper.  At the finish there are earthy mineral tones that put an exclamation point on the drying tannins.  Sur De Los Andes is a well-balanced wine not to fruity, and not too acidic.

Harvested by hand in late March and April (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere).  This wine is from two separate vineyards that range from 2700 to 3400 feet above sea level with a sand and clay soil and a cold pre- fermentation maceration process used. 100% of this wine is aged for 4 months in American Oak barrels.

This malbe is a very easy to enjoy.  It is smooth and easy-going. It goes well with salty cheeses and a good hamburger.  It even makes a good sipping wine for just relaxing on the soda watching television.


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