You see a clear garnet color throughout the glass of this organic certified pinot noir. This wine provides power and elegance to the pallet. It presents the aroma of sweet and spicy cherries backed up by earthy tones of talc. The flavors of red fruits with a healthy well balanced acidity flow through the wine until it ends with a long cherry finish.

Copper Mountain vineyards is located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. They are dedicated to 100% estate grown and produced wines. They began growing their grapes in 1978. They have control of all aspects of the production. This gives them the understanding of what the wine needs at each stage of its life.

0 thoughts on “Copper Hill Pinot Noir

  1. My husband bought me a really nice bottle of your white wine.It was a slight golden colour and I thought it had Amber on the name.We can’t find it anymore.Do you have it.What is the correct name. Thanks Jean.

    1. Jean,
      I am not the producer. I am a mere wine lover that likes to write about what I try. The website to the winery is I looked and I think they might have changed the labels since I had my bottle. I recomend just emailing or calling them and I am sure they will help you find the correct wine.

      Thanks for reading!

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