Have you ever noticed that it is almost universal that when a flight attendant of cockpit crew make an announcement you can never understand  exactly what they are saying?  I have to wonder what they do in training to ensure this standard is maintained?  I mean do the have a class in holding the mic to close or to far away, I know the pilots can talk clearly into a mic.  I have heard them when listening to the Air Traffic Control channels on the radio.  However it never fails, for the inflight announcements you hear weather at (destination) is 72 and winds are out of, but after that it is the “Charlie Brown Teacher voice”.  I wonder if both Boeing and Air Bus are both simply buying the same crappy PA systems for their airplanes.  On my last flight, while we were on the ground we heard every word the crew was saying.  From the over head bins were full to the safety briefing  and even the “from the cockpit” speech were all crystal clear.  As soon as we passed 10,000 feet the announcements all urned into “Charlie Brown Teacher voice”.  Then as soon as We has started out initial decent, they were all perfect again.   So whats up with this?

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