IMG_2660As we approach the half way point of 2015 I thought I would look at the trends I see in wine this year. I started this look at trends by taking a look at what some of the Big Boys (the one that show up of the top page of a google search) said what the trends would be this year. Some of these really made me laugh.
One site stated that “portable” wine would take off this year. By portable they mean wine in cans or small boxes. While I have seen a bigger selection of these wines on shelves in my local supermarkets, and I know people are buying them, I have not seen this take off the way many prognosticators thought.
One that I have seen verify is “After years of spiraling upward, Champagne prices have plateaued, thanks to a glut of wine and the sinking euro.” With the stagnation and some decline of the euro vs the dollar wines and champagne imported to the United States from Europe have become more affordable.
Last on my list is the trend of sustainable wine production. I have noticed several wine brands particular from California and South America have really stressed their “green” practices in their tasting and production notes. Also, I have noticed and increase in wines that are fermented from organically grown grapes. This may be my favorite trend of the year. I think that organically grown foods taste better.
I will look again at the trend close to the end of the year and we will see if they continue for the entire year or fade out as we move into summer.

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