Our local Lowes Food Store just completed a major remodel. In this new remodel store is a Lowes food Beer Den where you can get advice on beer and sample several selections on tap. Last Saturday was the first chance I had to give it a try. This is the first grocery store in our area to offer beer in 32 and 64 once growlers. I must say that this is a unique way to buy beer.


I got a 32 oz growler of Highlad Brewing Company’s Lost Cove Pale Ale. This aromatic American Pale Ale is a sessional beer handcrafted with a unique Highland twist. Discover the secrets of Lost Cove in a summery American pale ale inspired by the spirit of Appalachia’s past. Delicate Pilsner malt blends with Cascade Hops for a hop-forward, cold-fermented ale with a citrusy aroma and crisp, clean finish.  It has a pale yellow color with a somewhat fizzy white head that disappears after a minute or two. The aromas of biscuity malts, grassy and lemony hops, floral, hay really show the summertime in this beer. This is well balanced between light hops and biscuity pilsner malts. This puts it somewhere between a hoppy cream ale and a pilsner. Lost cove has a very good mouthfeel for this kind of beer – smooth and crisp, with plenty of carbonation to prickle the tongue.

Lost Cove, like Highland’s other seasonal beers, is named for a feature of the Southern Appalachian landscape.



Lost Cove By theNumbers:

ABV 4.5%
Hops Cascade & Hallertau
IBU 20
Package Styles 1/2bbl, 1/6bbl, 12pk, 6pk
Season Summer
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