A crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger, a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.



My wine first crisis came way back when I was in college. A young lady offered to make Lasagna for me if I would bring the wine. As I was still living in a dormitory the offer of a real home cooked meal was much to turn down. So off to the store I went. At that time I knew very little about wine, so I was standing there looking at the wall of wine in the Alabama Alcohol Beverage control (ABC) Store (where else does a college student go) completely overwhelmed by it all.IMG00160-20101201-1857 I considered asking the guy at the counter for a suggestion. I decided against that after deciding his idea of a good wine would be Boones Farm. Luckily for me a nice gentlemen saw me and ask what I was looking for, he had a cart full of cases of wine. I explained what I needed and he helped me pick out a bottle of Chianti Classico. The dinner was a success and that crisis was resolved. That event more than any other is the reason I started to learn about wine. I never wanted to be in a situation again where I could not be confident enough to pick out a wine for dinner.

I see in social media that a number of my “Friends” use wine to mediate many crisis in their daily lives. I will not judge if this is a good practice or not. I will say that wine more than any other spirt is accepted as both a social drink and a solo one. Everybody wants to “go out for a beer” or “have drinks with friends”. However it is more acceptable to say I am going home and have a glass of wine and go to bed after a bad day. No one would say I am going home and do whisky shots by myself. Now some people may do it, but it is not said. Wine if the drink that is more associated with releasing tension brought on by a bad day or a crisis.


This is my first entry in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC18 hosted by The Drunken Cyclist

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