When we have visitors come from out of town, we always want to give them give them a true taste of what our local community’s food and drink is like. We introduce them to the nicest folks around; obviously feed them real beef barbecue; and of course you’d hand them an ice cold Texas beer.


The best known beer brewed in Texas has to be Shiner Bock. It was the only one I had heard of before my family moved to Texas. Founded by Kosmos Spoetzl, the Spoetzl Brewery is over 100 years old. They produce beers that are elegant and frothy brown. For many in Texas and around the United States this is the go‑to beer in a frosty mug or in its golden‑labeled bottle. Sure to impress your guest with its Bavarian/Texan taste.

Shiner’s Texas History

Before World War I, Shiner began made name for itself among the large German and Czech community in the Central Texas region under the direction and care of Spoetzl. Its increasing popularity helped the Texas brewery stay afloat through the difficult times of prohibition. After the illegal production era as one of only a handful of Texas breweries still in business. Shiner only grew outward in Texas. After World War II and Spoetzl’s death at the half‑century mark, Shiner beers grew in popularity in with “city‑folk”. In the 1990’s, Shiner reached one million cases sold.

Shiner Beers
shiner bockSpoetzl Brewery makes several year round and seasonal brews, all popular in Texas and beyond. Some of the mainstays include:

  • Shiner Bock is the signature beer, dark and full, with a taste of Old Bavaria before a smooth Texas aftertaste—Spoetzl’s primary brew.
  • Shiner Blonde, with its golden blonde hue, this beer has been brewed for over 100 years. This Bohemian brew is ideal for the ever changing Texas weather.
  • Shiner Hefeweizen is a gorgeous unpasteurized wheat beer, teaming with fresh citrus and thick froth.
  • Dortmunder Style. High in hops and alcohol, this malty blend will satisfy a well‑rounded palate. This is a special made‑for‑spring seasonal brew.


Saint Arnold

Saint Arnold is Texas’ oldest craft brewery. While only about 20 years old, this brewery is leaving a legacy of 11 styles of brews that have won awards around the world. They’re making Houston and Texas better, one brew at a time.

Saint Arnold
Saint Arnold Lawnmower

Saint Arnold takes its name from Saint Arnold (Arnulf) of Metz. One of the many legends surrounding Saint Arnold was that, a prayer from a parched parishioner from Metz was answered with an overflowing pot of beer. Like its namesake, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, has been answering the prayers of Texans for life‑sustaining beer since 1994.

Saint Arnold has won awards large and small, including Two 1st places at the Colorado State Fair in the first year they entered, three coveted gold medals at the prestigious World Beer Cup, and over 30 other medals at several national festivals nearly every year since 1994. In 2010, they took home three medals from the Great American Beer Festival. Some of our favorites from Saint Arnold include:

  • Fancy Lawnmower: This Gold Medal recipient in the 2010 Great American Beer Festival is a German‑style Kölsch. That aside, it’s probably their best seller because of a light, clean, citrusy flavor that cuts right through the Texas heat.
  • Amber Ale: Saint Arnold’s very first brew is still an annual favorite. The caramel maltiness has a light fruitiness typical of ambers.
  • Elissa IPA: Another heat buster, this India Pale Ale is bitter and hoppy, just like you’d expect.

Real Ale Brewing Company


Real Ale is a Texas owned, operated, and distributed producer of truly world‑class craft beer. They are passionate local owners at the helm of the company and the craft brewing wizards produce beer with as little processing as possible. In addition to being unfiltered and unpasteurized, they never use preservatives or artificial colors. They believe that doing less to the beer actually creates more complexity, aroma and flavor. With a large portfolio of beers available throughout the year, it’s easy to find your next favorite beer in the Real Ale line‑up. Some of their most popular beers include:

  • IMG_3634
    Real Ale Brewing Firemans #4

    ‑ an ever‑drinkable blond ale with a balance of smooth malt and zesty hops

  • Hans’ Pils ‑ Bright, hoppy and flavorful German‑style pilsner
  • Devil’s Backbone ‑ Belgian‑style tripel with a distinctive flavor and aroma
  • Four Squared ‑ Refreshing dry‑hopped pale ale
  • Lost Gold IPA ‑ An abundance of American hops marks the spot
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