I have been trying to figure out a way to store my wine that is out of the way and out of view. In thinking about this month’s theme for the Monthly Wine Writing contest, I had a light bulb idea. We have this in expensive cabinet we have used to store many items over the years. Most recently before moving to Texas, my wife used it as a place to store supplies for her Preschool class. Since that cabinet now really needs a new second chance began designing a rack to fit into the cabinet. As I was working on this idea, the thought of using reclaimed pallets as the source of wood came into the process.

After that the research (I mean googling) really jumped into high gear. I found lots of information on racking systems and the many companies that would sell me one. However, being in a profession that requires a lot of moving around (13 times in the last 23 years) none of the store bought really fit what I am trying to do. I determined that to fit the largest of the standard bottles sizes (Riesling) I would need the cabinet to be 14 inches deep and build the racks to hold bottles up to 3 1/8” wide.   I had a plan! The plan is for 6 rack sections that will each hold 8 bottles. Each section will be 14” wide and 12” deep. The bottle cubes will be 3.5” square.

bottle sizes

Picture Credit: WINE ENTHUSIAST (http://www.wineenthusiast.com/storage/

Of course every good wood worker knows to measure twice before making any cut. After measuring the cabinet I should be able to bit in a rack that will hold all of these sizes. At this point I need a few days of dry weather so I can locate a few pallets that are not to nasty to work with.

IMG_4014The cabinet I am working with originally came as unfinished furniture. We have used it to store many things over the years from toys and office supplies to preschool class supplies. After our last move, it has found a spot in the dining area so I figured it will make a great win cabinet. Each shelf is 14” deep and just short of 35” wide on the inside. These measurements will allow me to fit 2 rack sections on each of the 3 shelves. This will allow for room to keep a few other items in the cabinet along with the wine.

I have located two great clean pallets to work with, of course they are still loaded.  So when our IT folks at work get around to hooking up our new printers, I will be all set. Look for part 2 of this project over the next few weeks.





0 thoughts on “Inspired by the Theme Second Chance- Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #22

  1. I’m so interested in seeing how part 2 comes along. My husband & are are hoping to build a tasting table with seating for our basement. This post is inspiring 🙂

  2. I love using pallet wood and re-purposing old furniture. So far I have made outdoor couches, a kitchen shelf and some firewood racks out of pallet wood. I especially like how you’ll be fitting this into your mobile lifestyle, creating a good-sized portable wine rack. Good luck on your project and am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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