At a TED Talk “The origins of pleasure” psychologist Paul Bloom talk s about our biological need for pleasure. “called “essentialism,” which is a particularly clever and important adaptation that drives us to focus on the deeper aspect of things. For instance, it matters, when you look at people, not to be entirely moved by what they look like, but also to be influenced by what you believe to be their histories and their hidden properties. For food, it matters where it came from and what it touched.” What is pleasure?  Really, there are three definitions that apply 1, “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment” 2, Objects that give one pleasure” (pleasure boats) and 3, “descriptions of pleasure” (she smiled with pleasure at being praised).


For some of use, pleasure in wine is derived from producing it.  Be it the wine maker with sever vineyards supplying grapes, the craft vintners or even the ones of us producing wine in our basements with the kits bought on  Here the pleasure is derived from completing a task and seeing the fermented fruits of the labor.  The act of making wine is simple chemical process, but it requires great attention to detail. The joy the comes from the satisfaction of a job well done is the pleasure payoff for the winemakers.

Pleasure for other comes simply from drinking wine.  These folks just enjoy wine.  They enjoy the flavors and the way wine can enhance the taste of food.  They derive pleasure from the social aspects of wine, enjoying the company of others while sipping the fruits of the labor of the winemakers.  This social interaction may be the most important of the pleasures of wine at the moment.  Since so many of us a tend to spend so much time buried in our electronics the social aspects of wine help us remember the pleasure of simple social conversation.

Finally, I see one last group that gets pleasure from wine.  This is the group that I assume most of us that are reading and writing these wine blogs fall into.  We are the group that get our pleasure from wine by tasting, researching, learning and writing about the wines.  While we get excited about good wine we get just as excited when our silly post about how a corkscrew came apart in our hand causes a daily record for hits on our blog.

Pleasure is in the eye of the pleased.  While we work to communicate our pleasure in wine to others in hopes of helping readers discover what gives them pleasure in the wines they drink.



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