These containers are wonderful.  I replaced a number of worn out plastic containers with this set. Over the past weeks I have used them for everything from storing leftover canned tomatoes to moving my son’s fish across town.  The set comes with 4 sizes of containers. IMG_3565Each container seals nicely and air can be removed via a one way valve to help reduce oxidation.  It does help, but does not produce as much of a vacuum as a vacuum sealer does.  The containers have a latch on all four sides which is great when I used the smallest one to put a dipping sauce in my son’s lunch for school one day.  My one negative is the largest container.  I have not found a routine use for it.  It did do an admirable job of getting my 8 years old’s fish to and from school for show and tell without spilling a drop, but it is really too big for our refrigerator (just takes up to much space) and I have not had enough leftovers to need to store in something that big.  All in all I recommend these containers.


If you would like to purchase these containers on Amazon please use this link.


This product was received as a media sample.

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