A few weeks ago we received a coupon for two free meals from Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.

We decided to give it a try starting with Blue Apron.  My wife and I were impressed with the first meals that showed up on our porch from Blue Apron. Their refrigerated boxes are packed with ice packs and insulated liners to ensure your ingredients will stay fresh for the full delivery day, even if you’re not at home to accept the delivery.

IMG_4526 Our first box of meal was salmon Po Boys.  We found the directions easy to understand and not overly complicated.  Everything in the box was fresh and looked appetizing.  The box contained everything we needed to prepare the meal except salt and pepper.

All in all, we enjoyed the meals and were satisfied with the quality of the food we got from Blue Apron. Blue Apron cost $69.00 a week for a box with two meals for 4 people, which comes out next to about $8.63 per meal.  What I did not like about Blue Apron was how hard it was to cancel the subscription.  Canceling was a multi strip process that was obviously designed to make it hard to cancel so a person would just give up a keep the plan.

Next we tried Hello Fresh.  We were not as pleased when this box arrived.  The content of the box was spilled and vegetables were everywhere.  Some of the meat had leaked s


oaking some of the papers ere soaked in meat juice.  The directions for the Hello Fresh meals were as easy but to follow but the meals that were supposed to be “family friendly” for kids really were not and my wife and I were not as tasty as the blue apron.

The Hello Fresh meals if you continue the subscription are $79.00 for a box of two meals for four people or $9.88 per meal.

One thing that both services had in common is they both eats of recipes were really set to use only one or two pots per meal so clean up is easy.

After trying both, my wife and I discussed it and decided not to continue any of the services.  Honestly, they are expensive for what you get and you really pay for the convince of having the groceries arrive on you front porch.  If I had to recommend one, it would be Blue Apron, it was the best quality


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