Recently my family headed for Cincinnati Ohio to surprise my in-laws for their 50th FrontierWedding anniversary.  Since it was too far to drive for the short trip, we decided to fly.  Since this would be my youngest child’s first flight and coupled with his autism we decided to drive to Houston from San Antonio and take the direct flight on Frontier.  I was prepared to hate Frontier after fighting through the reservations process on line and being ask to pay for the privilege of checking a bag, pay for the privilege of bringing a carry on, pay for the privilege of selection our seats ahead of time so the family could sit together. I got even more prepared to hate them when at the airport both of the suitcases I had paid to check when I had made my reservations were overweight and my youngest is having a meltdown I had to hand over my credit card and pay another $150.00.

I was fuming and ready to just cancel the entire trip when I went to the gate agent to explain about my autistic son and the stress he was experiencing over his first flight.  I was so pleasantly surprised when the gate agent went way out of her way to come over and kneel down in front of Ethan and talk to him on his level.  She explained about boarding and gave him a set of trading cards of the animals that Frontier has in the livery on the tails of their aircraft.  After he ask if she was sure the plane would have enough gas for the trip, she very carefully explained that the ground crew responsible for fueling the plane had to come in and give her the fuel load and that she would make sure it was good.  Then she took him over to the window and pointed out our plane and where the crew was fueling the plan and the truck stocking the snacks.  All of this helped more than that gate agent will ever know.

The flight itself was pretty good the crew was friendly and tried hard not to be embarrassed by the nickeling and diming that had to do.  No free sodas or peanuts on these flights.  In fact they were movie theater prices without the movie.

Our flight home was easy.  This flight crew had it going on, they were entertaining.  Even my teenage daughter paid attention to the safety briefing.   All through our return flight every time the crew had to make an announcement over the intercom it was creative, not the typical “The Captain has illuminated the seatbelt sign” it was more like “hey the seatbelt sign is on, it may get bumpy so please return to your seats”

After some reflection I guess it was worth what it cost for the direct flight, but I still do not think I would fly Frontier again with a family of 5.  If I am a college student and everything I have fits in my backpack I can get under my seat, this may be the ticket for the spring break trip.


Our plan was and A320 like this complete with the frog.

Here are some prices from Frontier on baggage and what it cost to pick a seat.



Purchase Location Carry-On Bag* 1st Checked Bag* 2nd Checked Bag* >3+ Checked Bag*, at booking and up to 24 hours before departure $35 $30 $40 $75
Call Center $40 $35 $40 $75
Web Check-in $40 $35 $40 $80
Airport ticket counter or self-service kiosk $45 $40 $45 $80
Departure Gate $60 $60 for bags exceeding our size requirements N/A N/A


The earlier you pay for baggage, the cheaper it is for you.

And to pick you seat:


Purchase Location Standard Seating Stretch Seating
!, at booking and up to 24 hours before departure

From $6 From $20
Call Center From $8 From $20
Web Check-in From $11 From $25
Airport ticket counter or self-service kiosk From $11 From $25
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