Wynwood uses only  premium products in all of their beers.  They procure the best malts from the US and use them as the  base malt and mobile them with British and German Malts to create their  caramel malts.  They  seek the finest hops from the US, England, Germany, New Zealand and Czech Republic.  Wynwood puts their  own unique twist to traditional styles with character and boldness.

La Rubia is the lightest beer they brew. However, this beer does not lack in flavor. It has a nice crisp bitterness to it with a slight bready and sweet flavor. This beer is brewed for the beautiful hot weather they get here in Miami. La Rubia is a combination of German Pilsner Malts, British Crystal Malts, Czech Saaz Hops and German Ale Yeast, making this beer a true American Blonde Ale. It pairs excellent with your salad, seafood and chicken. Serve this beer in a classic pilsner flute.

Wynwood brews their beers in a 15-Barrel two-vessel system. One barrel is equal to 31 US gallons. At any given time they can brew about 500 gallons of wort.  Next they put the wort, or young beer, in the  15 or 30 barrel fermenters.  Once the beer is fermented, it is then conditioned and packaged.  Wynwood  brands take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to be finished.  However, they have some barrel aged products that take up to 9 months to be completed


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