If you have read this blog for any length of time you know I have a real addiction for the IMG_5620.JPGwines of South America especially the Malbecs.  This group of wines tends to be a good value for the price.  Malbecs are produced in Argentina, Chile and Peru (which I recently discovered for the first time).  Malbec was produced first in France of course and are found primarily in Southwest France.  The think skin of thirds grape requires more sun to ripen then other red varieties.  Transported to South America in 1994, it has thrived.

The South American Malbecs, at least to me tend to be rougher around the edges than the Malbec produced in France.  I personally like that.  Don’t get me wrong, the French Malbec is good, it just comes across as more refined and smother than the Malbecs from Argentina, Chile and especially Peru.

The latest bottle I open is Trapiche Malbec 2015 from the Mendoza region of Argentina. You are presented with a glass that has a deep purpose core that is very slightly translucent and an edge that is light violet color This wine pleases the nose with the aromas of cherries, black plums, pepper and licorice.  On the palate, you get strong taste of cassis fruit and crushed black fruit like cherries and blackberries.  Notes of huckleberry and vanilla bean are also present.  On the midpalate there is a great balance of solid fruit with good acidity and ripe tannins.  All of that is backed up by nits of cassis again and oak.  The wine finishes with taste of fleshy fruit and a concentration of herbs and minerals that linger for a long finish.

Trapich is one of the largest and oldest producers of wine.  Trapiche makes inexpensive and delicious wines.  The malbec can be found for less than $10 is most places that carry wine.

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