If you have watched any HGTV you will know the names of Chip and Joanna Gains.  they are the builder and designer behind the show Fixer Upper.  My wife and I are huge fans of

The Market Entrance

the show.  So being just about 3 hours away we had to head to Waco to check out the Magnolia Market.  In all honesty, my wife has been here before, but this is my first trip.  Magnolia market.

Chip and Joanna have one of the greatest shows on HGTV, they are so likeable and I see why they get so much attention at their store. Who doesn’t like them?! The store is very cute and very much Jo’s style, you can tell it’s got her style here. There are a lot of household decorations. You can see similar items to what they use to decorate the houses within the store. There are a variety of items that are from the people they work with in Waco as well. There are a few shirts that you can purchase, they are a little pricey but very very soft (I got the #demoday one).

The employees here are super nice, just like what I imagine Chip and Joanna to be. They

Chip’s Corner with a little guy stuff.


are super friendly and helpful if you need anything. There are two check out areas on in the front of the store and one in the back.

Away from the Market is the Seed store and garden. It’s super cute and there are a ton of stuff there. There is a great selection of items for fairy gardens and a few gardening tools. There are a ton of great photo places here.  The Silos Baking Company is another small operation on the property.  The cupcakes got mixed reviews from our family.  The looked great, and tasted good, but most of us thought they were very heavy and too dense for our taste.

It can be very crowded

The have food trucks that line the green area where you can play games and tons of seating area to enjoy the weather or just enjoy your snack.

This place is crowded and busy.  They do a good job of moving the crowds and really it did not take too long to check out with what my wife purchased.  According to an article in the Dallas News the best day or at the least crowded day of the week is Wednesday.


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