USB Direct ( Sent me one of their new i-USB-Storer devices.  This is a flash drive with a standard USB 3.0 plug at one end and on the other of mine has a lightening connector on the other end.    They are also available for Android devices.  This is a device that is really nice for moving photos and videos from the iPhone to a computer without connecting.  It worked exactly as advertised.    On the iPhone or iPad, you need to download a free app to move data from the apple device to the drive.  The APP is small and efficiently moves pictures and videos from the device.  To get the files onto a computer you simply use the drive as any other flash drive.

USB Direct produces these drives as promotional items imprinted with any logo can dream of.  These drives would be great item for a company to distribute at trade shows and other events.

I have two suggestions for USB Direct to improve the i-USB Storer.  First, even though there is a place to put a lanyard or key ring, it does not come with one, they should add it. Second make the instruction sheet bigger.  Even with my glasses on the printing was so small I had to get a magnifier to read it.

If you need promotional items for an event, this flash drive would make a good choice, it is unique and works well.  You can read all the technical specs and order the i-USB Storer by clicking on this link.


Your Logo can be printed here.

The i-USB Storer was received as a media sample.

A real quick update to this post:

First thanks to Todd (I owe you two beers now) who caught a couple of errors in the links.  They have now been fixed and will take you to the correct places to order this kind of drive.

Second, I forgot to mention that the i-USB Storer also has a push-out micro-USB plug that works on Android devices.  So this really is a 3 in one Flash Drive.  Sorry about that, but not having a Android device, I completely missed that.

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