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The beer, if poured into a glass, has a slight, quickly dissipating white head and a wonderfully deep, copper color.   Honey flavor up front with a sharp spicy rye finish. It is a medium bodied brew, but full flavored at heart, which is a great combination. The fragrance is very much like smelling fresh rye grains, earthy and faint smell of grass. The beer has a balanced, delicate sweet taste at first and, like the can label shows, with a taste brought by a honey bee. The gentle kiss of honey though is well balanced by the rye, which has a cereal, grainy bitter nip. The beer has an IBU of 20 which gives you a good enough hoppy drink. Overall, the beer is very good and an excellent craft beer. I love the ‘honey bee’ label and it is a delightful honey-rye beer.

The whole top opens and pops off

The beer comes in a can with a full pop-off lid, which I really like.  All of Four Corners Brewing Beers open like that. This beer really says I have worked hard all day and I am going to relax and have a beer. Personally, I poured mine into a chilled mug, but that’s me.

Normally I like to add some of the backstories of the beer to my articles, but the breweries website (http://fcbrewing.com/) is undergoing a revamp and is nothing more than a landing page at the moment.  Luckily that has not stopped great beer.


By the Numbers

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 20

Plato: 13

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