This is a very good beer. Double-IPA, very hoppy but tasty. The color is so beautiful, “coppery gold” like another person described. I feel like this is the definition of a very good beer (at least for me): “bold and hoppy” (like its label says), very tasty (malty/hoppy IPA), beautiful color and aroma and, last but not least, high alcohol content (9%) that you can’t tell unless you read the label. I’m not very good at describing beers with words but I do understand how to appreciate a good beer. Not a good argument but “trust me – I know what I am talking about”: this is a very, very good beer.  Long-story-short: if you like hoppy IPA’s, you will not regret trying this one!

This IPA started out as #11 but wound up being call Endeavor after the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter (OV-105). The Endeavor was built as the replacement for the Obiter Challenger after it was destroyed in the launch explosion. Shuttle Endeavor was named after the HMS Endeavor that Captian Cook sailed on his first voyage of discovery in the mid 1700’s.  the name also paid homage to the command module of Apollo 15.  This very good beer honors this very special spacecraft.    Shuttle Endeavor flew the first mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope and helped build the International Space Station.  Shuttle Endeavor now resides at the California Science Center in Los Angles.


By the numbers:

ABV: 9.0%

IBU 63

Plato 18.9


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