Feisty Blond is quickly becoming one my favorite beers of Texas.

This is another installment of my series describing beers of  Texas.  I am looking at beers brewed and born here in the Lone Star State.

Brewed at  HopFusion Ale works in Fort Worth, TX Feisty Blonde is a bronze golden ale.   This beer has deeply aromatic orange blossom honey and the flavor of pure Mexican Vanilla and raw brown sugar to create a smooth finish. Feisty Blond is brewed with 4 grains and 2 varieties of hops.   This creates a  balance in the flavors. However, being unpasteurized and unfiltered to allows the natural essence of the citrus to come out of the background.


Feisty Blond pours slightly hazy and golden with a decent head The strong aroma of honey will be the first thing you will notice. The flavor of honey and vanilla are on the front end of this brew with a dry fruity aftertaste. People have said the vanilla is there but really have to let it set to taste it.  I did not find that it hit me right away. Feisty Blonde is a decent brew and one that I really like and I will buy again.


By the Number:

ABV 8.27%



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