White Noise
             White Noise

This is another installment in my beers of Texas series.  White Noise is a crisp Belgian style wheat beer (Whitbeir).  This brew is based on the Witbier produced as a part of Saint Arnolds 2015 Icon series. That beer was based on a recipe from Celis White that added some oats added for a little extra body. Using these recipes a the base they dry hopped with Citra hops to amp up everything.  There is a pleasant round body that is light and creamy. A really enjoyable Wit.


This beer pours a touch cloudy, that clears up a bit as the warms. A golden/yellow color. A thick two finger white head forms with good retention and plenty of lace left behind.


Lemon rind, orange, and light banana. A bit of a musty character in the nose, and black pepper. Really enjoyable.

White Noise Taste:

The taste follows the nose with lemon rind up front that becomes a bit tart. Orange and just a hint of banana.  There is a peppery taste, with a touch of floral hops and just ever so bitter in the finish as well.

Overall White Noise has a light body with crisp carbonation. Effervescent but also very smooth at the same time. Really enjoyable to drink. Have come back to this several times since this was released as a seasonal.

White Noise By The Numbers:

ABV 5.3%

IBU 25

Gravity 10.049


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