Heart O’Texas Red Ale

Heart O’Texas is very dark red-brown color with a thick cream-colored head. This beer wears its 6.3 abv very well with just a nice warmth dancing in the mix. Aromas are all malt up front, with the barest smidge of fruity hops. A hint of sweet, citrus flavor appears up front with a spicy bitterness following, which lingers on the tongue. The taste is heavy with caramel and toffee from the malt base, and there are a few fruity hops. Quite balanced overall and the full body avoids overpowering the taste buds and stays drinkable throughout. The mouthfeel is full & rich, but also a bit syrupy.

A very nice brew that has the essence of an American amber ale, with just a wisp of IPA and a smidge of pale ale, but you’d have to specify “malty” for both. Definitely dominated by malt flavors, but complexly so, with a well-chosen hops profile that leaves you with a complex, flavorful beer.

I like the different can type with the entire lid pops off, that is a very cool addition that Fou

r Corners Brewing Company uses on all of their beer cans. Better for drinking out of the can in that you get a lot more aroma, for sure. That might be enough to sway me.

Heart O’Texas by the Numbers:

ABV 6.2%

IBU 35


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