Midnight Cab for Rahr and Sons Brewing Company is a unique Black Saison beer.  It is aged in red wine barrels, a nice clever recipe that’s pretty well put together. Deep chocolate brown and some nice body out of the can, with a nose of oak tannins and roasted barley. Lots of bitter dark grain to this creates an almost the unmalted roast found in a stout.  It is super bitter there, but it is softened nicely by chocolate malt.  That lends a nice round cocoa flavor to it. The Saison yeast is sort of the missing element for me, it’s not funky or hardly even Belgian, and it doesn’t seem to have fermented this quite as completely as would have been ideal.

A little bit of esters here, but the yeast is way back, and I think that is to its detriment. the barrel treatment is awesome, cabernet and oak abound here, and are just fantastic with the malt profile. prune and cherry notes, a little acidity, and just a trace of wooded alcohol, very smooth and it really makes this unique.

I really wish there was just a little more yeast character at work and that this was a shade or two drier, it would really be special if that were the case. chocolate and wine to finish, but more earthy than desserty. among the best beers I have had from these guys, and easily their most ambitious I have seen. I like the style too. this is very solid and just a few edits away from being elite level.

Midnight Cab by the Numbers:

ABV: 9.5%

IBU: 25

OG: 17.6


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