Humidity by Southern Star Brewing pours a murky gold and there might be a hint of amber in it.  The beer is 100% opaque.  A white foam head forms when poured.  The head has almost no stick or lace.  The head dissipates almost as fast as it pours.  I poured Humidity from a 12 once can.

The aromas of Humidity are pleasant and very summertime.  Pineapple, dried apricot, grapefruit, orange are the main flavors that hit your taste buds.

As far as taste goes, green pine tree, grapefruit are first.  Then it has a pop of hops but it’s not bitter, very clean and fresh.  This is all followed by a little orange and a small bitter bite from the hops builds over time but some fruity sweetness seems to be coming from the malt.  This gives it some sweetness but only enough to tame down any potential bitterness.

for mouthfeel, this is a lightweight beer but as the percolating carbonation grows in the mouth it fills and sizzles, then lets the flavors rest on the tongue

Overall Humidity is a nice display of hops with no harshness from them, and a light little malt backbone that holds up the beer and gives the hop flavors something to hang on to with a simple, restrained hint of sweetness. This is a wonderful brew with an elegant hop flavor that any beer drinker will love.


Humidity By the numbers


ABV 5.64%

IBU 22


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2 thoughts on “Southern Star Humidity

  1. This beer sounds super interesting! I love trying local beers whether I’m at home or traveling! Also I really like the design on
    the can haha. I’m getting back to Texas later this year so definitely hoping to try lots of different beer and perhaps this one!

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