Southern Star Spring Pils.

Southern Star Spring Pils pours a clear golden color with almost no head.  Just a thin skin of white foam that keeps a tight collar and quarter skin. Nothing sticks to the glass, so no lacing.

The aromas of grain give Spring Pils a very bread smell with hints of fruity esters.  As it warms up it offers a slight bit of malt sweetness can be picked up on the nose.

This pilsner is a grain bomb. There is a lot of gain flavor, barley, wheat.   Maybe a few hints of corn and rice along the way.  The malt comes forward and may be slightly medicinal in taste.  That is followed by bites of earthy hops.  As the beer sits and warms in the glass more of the malt flavor comes out.  This is more of a cracker malt instead of sweet bread malt.

Mouthfeel is mild.  A middleweight beer.  Crisp with enough carbonation to be sharp on the tongue.

Overall, I was happy with this beer.  I expect Southern Star side on excess flavors instead of staying restrained inside a style of beers parameters.   This beer is well inside the lines of what a German pilsner.   That is not bad, but just a surprise from Southern Star. I can see what they were planning, a beer that is not too heavy, perfectly refreshing for a hot spring day of bar-B-queuing or after a day in the sun.

Spring Pils by the Numbers

ABV: 5.25%

IBU: 30

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