Fire Ant Funeral is a traditional ale.  I thought this is a really solid beer.  The distinctive red

Fire Ant Funeral Amber Ale from the Texas Ale Project

amber color that is topped by a beige head that leaves some decent lacing.   This color comes from the seven American grown hops.  I tasted this ale poured from a twelve once can poured into a chilled class. To the nose Fire Ant smell fantastic.  More hops than most red ales, but a lot of citrus instead of bitterness in the aroma.  Orange peel is the primary aroma that hit the nose.  After that other hints of lemon and spices round out the aromas.

The grain has a nice toasted and caramelized property to it, great depth, and less sweetness than is the standard for the style. Things are in great balance, but this isn’t boring or bland amber ale, it’s very flavorful. Nice full fluffy body on it too with upbeat carbonation, it is  quite refreshing even, which is not a word I ever really associate with this kind of beer. I think the name of this beer is awesome too, clever for what it is and with some cool art to back it up. Without question the best beer they make, and one of the better red ales i have had overall lately. The extra hops and grain depth make this a treat.

Fire Ant Funeral by the numbers:

ABV 6.0%

IBU 32

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As far as I know, no fire ants were injured in making this beer.


Texas Ale Project
Fire Ant Funeral

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