Love Street from Karbach Brewing company pours out a medium golden color. Head is white and somewhat dense. Retention of the head is moderate and leaves no lacing.  The nose has honey, wheat, lemongrass and hints of bread.  The taste has honey up front with the grains come in through the middle. The finish again has a honey like sweetness.
Mouthfeel is medium bodied and is well carbonated.

At only 4.9% ABV This is a good light bodied beer.  This will be a perfect beer for a hot summer day.  I could see this beer cooling you off after a day in the sun.  Love Street is a good beer, not a great beer.

Cans of Love Street comes packaged in a neat little box.  I like this bit of packaging, as it is better for our environment,  The cardboard will breakdown much faster that any plastic and should it wind up in the ocean, it sill still break down and harm fish and turtles.


Love Street by The Numbers:

ABV: 4.9%

IBU: 20

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