Lake Breeze Blond from Seguin Brewing Company has gotten mixed reviews from others.  I liked this light bodied beer.  While it is close to a pale ale,  it is not as bitter.

Poured from the can, this is a cloudy beer.  This is what you expect from an unfiltered beer.  A creamy white head holds on for a while and is fairly firm.  This blond brings notes of citrus like orange peel and a little lemon to the nose.  This is a malt forward beer at the start.  Through the middle of each sip, you pick up the citrus notes.  Lake Breeze Blond finishes with the floral notes, maybe a little honeysuckle?

The light body of the beer makes it perfect for relaxing by the lake on a hot Texas summer day.  Lake Breeze Blond is a good cookout beer.  Serve it with burgers and hot dog.



Lake Breeze Blond by the numbers:

ABV: 5.9

IBU: 23

SRM: 4

Lake Breeze Blond is a Vegan-Friendly Beer.


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