As we neared the end of our summer college road trip, we decided literally at the last minute to stop in the Atlanta area and take see an Atlanta Braves Baseball game.  A few years ago, the Braves announced they were moving from Turner Field in Atlanta proper to a new stadium just outside of the I-285 Loop in Marietta.

The new SunTrust Park opened for the 2017 baseball season.  A retail and residential space The Battery Atlanta is a great place to enjoy the time before a ballgame.  You can shop for everything from a new business suit at Van Michael Men to a motorcycle at Tomahawk Harley-Davidson.  These along with several other upscale specialty stores have created a unique shopping experience.

The Battery Atlanta

If you need a good meal before heading into the stadium to do the Tomahawk Chop with the Atlanta Braves, you have 18 restaurants in The Battery Atlanta to choose from.  Tex Mex to pizza, steak to southern fried chicken.  It is all here.

Since one member of our family is a reality TV junkie, we had to eat at Wahlburgers.  This turned out to be one of the best meal experiences we had on the entire trip.  The four of us had something from every part of the menu. I had The Our Burger with cheddar cheese.

I was really nervous about this.  A restaurant set from a reality TV Show.  The burger was fantastic, cooked perfectly.  It had a nice sear and crust and the inside was juicy and flavorful.  My wife had the same burger, but as she really tries to watch home many carbs she eats, they fixed the burger in a bowl kind of like a salad.  She was very impressed.  Our seventeen-year-old son ordered the macaroni and cheese.  He pretty much raved about it.  Of course, my youngest had a hot dog.  We all split large orders of the Yukon Fries and Onion Rings.  One last note about Wahlburgers at The Battery Atlanta, they also have a great selection of beers.  They serve local brews and all of the big national brands.

SunTrust Park

The first regular season game at the park was held on April 14, 2017, against the San Diego Padres.  This was a bittersweet time for Atlanta.  The metro area had a brand-new stadium that they should be very proud of, but the Braves had now moved out of Atlanta.  The park is fabulous.  Gone are the days of fighting to get to your seat as we did at the old Fulton County Stadium. Gone are the memories of the 1996 summer Olympic Games, the original reason Turner Field was built.   SunTrust park is an order of magnitude better than Turner Field.  Not because Turner Field was bad, just that technology and the fan experience and expectations have changed since the mid-1990s.

In SunTrust Park, you can enjoy the action of the field, or if you are into all the stats of baseball the scoreboard will give all of those you could ever want.  From the speed of a pitch to the departure angle of a home run ball.  In the park, at least for baseball three are no bad seats.

The food in the ballpark was pretty good.  After our meal in the Battery, we only had snacks and frozen lemonade, but it was all good.  Of course, you are paying ballpark prices and that really detracts from the experience, but it was all tasty.

The experience I really want to have is to go back and watch the game while having dinner at the Chop House.  This is a restaurant in the ballpark at the right field fence.  Tables both inside and outside I am sure this is a unique dining experience.


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