I am continuing my beers of Texas series with this post on The Salty lady.

The Review of The Salty Lady.

The Salty Lady

The Salty Lady is Martin House Brewing Company’s interpretation of a Gose – a rather obscure, tart, salty German style beer. The tartness is tempered by salt additions from around the world and finished with coriander for a citrus and earthy touch. Poured into a frosted mug, The Salty Lady is an opaque straw color. Lots of carbonation here, but the head dissipates rather quickly. No lace to mention. The nose is a bit drab, with muted notes lemony soap and various earthy aromas. The taste, though, is where Martin House hits the home run here. A previous reviewer suggests The Salty Lady has a strong “pickle brine” flavor to it, and I can’t disagree with that. But it’s pickle brine in a good way. So salty it’ll make you pucker at first taste, but damn if it doesn’t finish clean and leave you feeling refreshed. Tart lemons abound. Mouthfeel is crisp and clean.

Martin House, if you’re not familiar with them, are doing some amazing beers right now and this beer is no exception. I discovered the Salty Lady this spring and have been enjoying ever since. It’s great for cooling off on a hot summer’s day or for unwinding after a long day at work. You probably either really like or don’t much care for this, but I am firmly in the former corner. Delicious

By the Numbers:

Appearance: Cloudy golden color with a 3/4ths-inch head.
Smell: Somewhat faint, some tart acidic scent. 
Taste: Very nice flavor, lots of sourness, but not overwhelmingly tart. Coriander is very light. Salt is detectable but not unpleasant. Very refreshing and drinkable.
Mouthfeel: Lots of carbonation, with spritzy mouthfeel.

ABV: 5.2%

SRM: 3

IBU: 4

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I bought this beer at Market Street.

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