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Sumner has arrived, the weather is warm, kids are out of school and vacation season is here.  If your plans include catching a plane here are some air travel tips for a more enjoyable trip no matter if the flights are domestic or international.  

  1. Find cheap flights with these apps:

Skiplagged shows you hidden-city ticketing options to get a flight for up to 50% less.       

Hopper, predicts upcoming price trends for flights.


     2. Has your flight fare lowered nice you booked? Be sure to check.  Some airlines will give you back the difference in airline credit.

     3.  Skip long security lines.  If you travel enough, it can pay to apply for TSA Precheck ($85 for five years) This is a way to save time and stress.  This may not be cost-effective if you only fly once a year.  If you are traveling internationally apply for Global Entry ($100 for five years to expedite the customs process. To figure out which program is right for you, check out  TSA Web Site

4.  A long day of travel ahead?  Go to the airport or your airline website and precook a lounge pass.  You can gain access to a quiet space with complimentary refreshments, magazines, WiFi, and other amenities that can make a long day in the airport more bearable.  

Using these air travel tips will help remove some of the stress getting your summer vacation started this year. 


For more travel Tips check out this post on cruise planning. 

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