At the end of the 2019 baseball season, the Texas Rangers say goodbye to Globe Life Park.  Globe Life Park has been the Rangers home since it’s opened for 1994 season.  Next season the team will move into Globe Life Field.  This brand new baseball stadium will be complete with a retractable roof.

The Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers Franchise began in 1961 as the Washington Senators in 1961.  After 10 years in Washington, the franchise moved to Arlington Texas.   Debuting as the Texas Rangers as the 2972 season opened playing in Arlington.  The Texas Rangers have had a colorful history with different players, managers, and owners.  Players like Nolan Ryan and Alex Rodriquez.  These hold the team strikeout and home run records.  Very colorful managers like Ted Williams, Whitey Herzog and Billy Martin always had an opinion to share with the umpire crew.  The teams have done well over the last few years with a win percentage of .576.  Winning 4 American League West Championships and making it to the World Series twice.

Globe Life Park

Globe Life Park is in Arlington Texas between Dallas and Fort Worth.  Constructed in 1994, it is one of the most hitter-friendly parks in Major League Baseball.  design of the stadium help balls which allows swirling winds to lift the balls and the relatively short distance to the fences help hit that will not get out of most parks become home runs here. This is a major improvement over Arlington Stadium where the team played since moving to Texas in 1972.  Built-in the Retro-Classical style popular in baseball construction of the 1990s.  The design borrowed elements from famous parks around the country and modernized them.

Field size Left Field Line – 332 feet (101 m)
Left Center – 390 feet (119 m)
Deep Left Center – 404 feet (123 m)
Center Field – 400 feet (122 m)
Deep Right Center – 407 feet (124 m)
Right Center – 377 feet (115 m)
Right Field Line – 325 feet (99 m)
Backstop – 60 feet (18 m)
By XrysD – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Globe Life Park Experience

Globe Life Park is a nice park.  For the most part, you have good views for all the seats.  That being said, some seats have columns in the way or you cannot see low enough to see the field.   I think this was a common problem with all the fields that were built using the Retro-Classical style.  The one caution I will say about this park is the sun and the heat.  If you are going to a game here before this 2019 season ends, be sure you take into consideration where the sun will be and how long you will be in the sun.  This becomes important if you are sitting in the less expensive seats in the outfield and the upper deck.

The parking here was by far the easiest I have ever experienced at a major league ballpark or for that matter almost any professional sporting event that I have been to.  It was easy to get into and out of the parking lot.  The city of Arlington does a great job with the signage to help you navigate around if you do not know where you are going.


Globe Life Park and the Rangers have a great selection of food, wine, and beer at the ballpark.  Food offerings include items like “The Fowl Pole($27.50) Which is a  Chicken Strip like you have never seen before! A 2lb chicken strip hand-battered and fried to crispy perfection. Served on a bed of waffle fries with honey mustard and ranch dressing. “Street Tacos” ($12.50) 3 street tacos served on corn tortillas with your choice of Al Pastor, chicken or brisket. Served with cilantro, feta cheese, diced onions, and a lime wedge. The park also offers several vegetarian and vegan options.

The selections of beer are really good.  Beer service includes the traditional mass-produced American beers 16 oz. draft of Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra or Ziegenbock for $6.00.  Local breweries include Arlington-based Legal Draft: Free & Clear (lager) and Nowhere but Texas. Other local options include Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde, Rahr & Sons Blonde, Real Ale Fireman’s #4 and St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower ($11.00).

It was $1.00 Hot Dog Night.  We were excited about this since we are a family of 4 we assumed we could have dinner at the ballpark and not break the bank.  Boy, we were wrong.  The hot dogs were a dollar, but the fries which required standing in another line for 10 minutes cost $7.00 and bottled water cost $5.00.  The cost of water is what got me, in the summer at Globe Life park it easily gets to over 95 and the humidity can be brutal.  You can bring in a cooler that might help you save some money on food or drink.  Maybe MLB Owners should take a hint from the Atlanta Falcons.  They lowered process on basic food items at Mercedes Benz Stadium to make it easier for families to go to the ballgames.


Our family had a good time at the ballgame.  The experience was everything my boys hoped it would be other than the fact the Texas Rangers lost the game.  We look forward to the new Globe Life Field right across the street.  This new sliding roof ballpark will make games in the middle of summer much more comfortable with air conditioning and all the modern touches of this new era of ballpark design have brought with it.  Globe Life Field will open for the 2020 baseball season.

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