Jubelale winter beer is from Deschutes in Bend Oregon.  This beer is available from October to December each year. This is an original brew from the start of Deschutes Brewery in 1988.

Jubelale Winter Beer in 12oz bottles

Jubelale winter beer pours really nice from a 12-ounce bottle. The head comes in two colors: a frothier, lighter-colored ashy beige swirl amid darker toffee tinted tan suds. The body has no haze, but is barely transparent, sporting an SRM in the mid-thirties. Not much lacing to speak of for a winter warmer.

The aroma is pretty decent too, albeit a somewhat odd mix of aromas. Baseline molasses note hits first followed by dessert spices including star anise, allspice, and clove, welcoming in a whole wheat bread crust presence, followed by a quick punch of spruce. Sharp, but short enough I could’ve missed it if I wasn’t looking for it.

The unique taste of Jubelale winter beer is very forward.  Upon sipping, it seems like you get a good size pack of salty black licorice landing on your tongue, immediately followed by a fragrant spruce tree. While you’re enjoying that the flavor of caramel comes around the entire interior surface of your mouth. While the flavors are strong, I rather enjoyed this feast of flavors.

For mouthfeel, this beer is very lightly carbonated and excessively creamy root beer. But it also leaves a weird charcoal-like sticky feel all over the mouth that lingers for an absurd amount of time.

I served this beer with my wife’s hearty Chicken Chili.  It turned out to be great paring on a cold night. This is a good beer to go with the rich or spicy foods we look forward to on cold days.

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