I poured Plutonium 239 from Manhattan Project Beer Company into a pint glass. A thick, brown-tinted head that lingers with noticeable

A dark coconut porter beer sitting next to teh can it was poured from.  The can is dark grey labeled Plutonium 239
Plutonium 239

lacing. Deep black color in the glass. Feel is lighter and creamier than expected but still had a strong presence of chocolate and coffee with background hints of coconut. Finished with coconut and a slightly bitter coffee taste. Very easy drinking and solid porter to keep coming back to.

If you like coffee and coconut Girl Scout cookies then this is your beer.  This beer has a unique flavor and mouthfeel.  The flavors of chocolate, coffee and coconut come through

Do you like the coconut Girl Scout cookie? And do you like coffee? If your answer is yes to both, then this is your beer. Plutonium 239 might be our most memorable beer. Could be the name, but we’re betting it’s the unique flavors of the beer.  The mouthfeel of Plutonium 239 is not as thick as you would expect such a dark beer to be. 

Pair this beer with steak, chocolate, or nuts. 

By the Numbers

ABV:  6.2%   

IBU: 25

The Story of the Manhattan Project Beer Company

The Manhattan Project Beer company began as a very passionate hobby.  The founders’ love of craft beer predates the founding of the beer company.  They first got together in 2010 with the goal of designing a beer from the ground up to meet the specification for a very important event.  That event was the wedding of Karl and Misty Sandford.  What the group came up with to celebrate this union and their love for craft beer was a combination of the couple’s favorite homebrew styles, American Brown Ale and Belgian.

In the eight months it took to design the beer, the group realized they had a unique synergy with each person bringing a skill to the group.  Their common goal was to create a beer that would be appreciated by the designers, other craft beer drinkers and would be a great way to introduce folks that have not yet discovered beer beyond the typical American Lagers.

Their quest was a success!  What they came up with began as an American Brown Ale and evolved into a Belgian Dark.  Known as Inceptions, it has gone on to win multiple awards. 

The group formalized under the name Manhattan Project because of their creative, collaborative experimental and scientific approach to brewing beer, along with all of the cool beer name possibilities. They began branding and marketing the Manhattan Project Beer Company.  They entered their first competitive beer festival in 2013 winning first place in the American IPA category with their IPA called Hoppenheimer.

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An image for Pinterest.com.  A dark coconut porter beer sitting next to teh can it was poured from.  The can is dark grey labeled Plutonium 239

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