These are the Top Tips for Attending a NASCAR Race in a Pandemic

The O’Riley Auto Parts 500

My wife, children and I braved the heat and put aside our COVID fears today and ventures to Texas Motor Speedway for the O’riley Auto Parts 500. The speedway and NASCAR did a great job keeping everyone a safe distance apart. I would guess less than 10,000 fans in a facility that seats over 120k. Austin Dillon won the Race. Chases drive Jimmie Johnson finished 26th after hitting the wall early in stage 2. Ethan driver William Bryon finished 37th because of a late-race wreck. All in all, we had a great day as a family.

Top Tips for Attending a NASCAR Race

  1. Freeze water bottles overnight them take them into the track in big zippy bags.  They will thaw during the day. Use Mio or similar to flavor the water.
  2. Bring food!  Every time I have eaten the concession stand food at a Speed Motorsports Track, it has been The number 24 Chevrolet ZR11LT driven by William Bryon for Hendrick Motorsports roars past the crowd at Texas Motor Speedway during the O'Riley Autoparts 500 on Sunday July 19th 2020.good, but for a family of 4, it can get pricey.  
  3. Wear a comfortable mask.  These days mask come in all shapes and sizes.  Be sure yours is comfortable.  
  4. Bring a blanket to sit on or wrap your legs in.  400 or 500-mile races can be a long time.  Often starting in the afternoon and ending after dark You may nee the blanket to sit on in the daytime if the seats are hot and then keep the chill off if the race goes into the night.
  5. Hearing protecting!  Race cars are loud!  The noise level at your average NASCAR race hovers at around 100 decibels, which is akin to a three-hour garbage truck parade or 180 minutes of jet flyovers at 1,000 feet. In other words, it’s a loud way to spend an afternoon.  You want to bring and wear hearing protection to save your ears. This is doubly important if you are bringing children to the track.

COVID-19 Response

Two people attending the O'Riley Auto Parts  500 on 19 JUL 2020 at Texas Motor Speedway.  They are wearing mask and following the COVID-19 rules.NASCAR took a seven-week pause in racing to figure out how to race safely in this environment.  The sport no limits how many people each team can bring to the track for each race.  NASCAR also set up screening procedures and put medical rules in place should a driver of team member test positive for the virus.  

The tracks, including Texas Motor Speedway, have also worked hard in collaboration with state and local health departments to figure out how to get fans back to the speedways on race days.  Texas Motor Speedway’s modified protocols included social distancing in the grandstands and concession lines; enhanced cleaning and sanitation in high-touch, high-traffic public areas; added hand-sanitizer stations; limited guests in suites; and infield admission for the race team and operational personnel only.


Our Experience

We had the best experience at NASCAR Race that we have ever been to.  The speedway staff went to great lengths to ensure that all fave were seated at least 6 feet away from another group.  For instance, we had four people in our group, we had a row of seats all to ourselves.  The group sitting in the next row above and below us were offset to our right  This was my wife’s first time to a NASCAR race and she had a fabulous time.  She is both a worrying mother and a germaphobe. She never felt uncomfortable at the race.  Everyone wore masks following the directions of  NASCAR and the speedway.  Concession and souvenir sales happened like at any other race, but on a debit or credit card only.  We did not purchase food or drink from the concession stands.  It was just going to be too hot for that kind of food.  We brought food in with us and bottles of frozen water that melted during the day so we had cold drinks.  

 Texas Motor Speedway did a great job setting procedures and rules in place for this race.  At no time while we were at the race did we feel uncomfortable about being there.

Read more about NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway Here.


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