I first had Half-Life Hazy IPA on tap at the Firehouse Gastro Park in Grand Prairie Texas.  I am usually not an IPA guy, but Half-Life surprised me.  This was a happy accident that I ordered. I did not know at the time it was an IPA.  I heard good things about it and since it was on tap, I decided to try it.

Brewers Description of Half-Life Hazy IPA

Brewed by the Manhattan Project Beer company in Dallas Texas.  The brewer describes Half-Life Hazy IPA this way. “Half-Life is always a crowd favorite for both craft beer aficionados and those new to the beer scene. It is an unfiltered Northeast inspired IPA with an aroma that is interesting without being overpowering. On the first sip, you will immediately pick up on the citrus characteristics. Soon to follow will be stone fruit and pine. But this is not a bitter IPA, friends. It is perfectly balanced with a focus on the delicious aroma. Half-Life finishes with a subtle and wheaty breadiness. It’s so perfectly light and crisp that it would be an amazing session beer if it weren’t for the 6% ABV, so sip and enjoy.”

My observations of Half-Life Hazy IPA

After the delightful experience at the gastro park, I purchased a six pack of the cans.  I poured Half-Life into a cold pint glass.  Half-Life pours as a light almost a butter color.  A head formed that was about a finger and a half.  The head lasted for a good while.  Very much citrusy at the front with some more muted tropical fruit coming through. Extremely smooth with nice malt and hops all the way through.  Very nice hazy, easy to drink a few on a humid mid-summer evening.  I think I like it because this is not a beer for someone who is really into hops.  You might call it a beginner IPA, but I just call it good. Manhattan Project Beer Company names all of it beers from things around the Manhattan Project.

If you wondered what half life means

Half-life is the time it takes for an isotope to decay so that only half of the original isotopes/nucleus are left. The half life of Plutonium-239 is 24,100 years, Plutonium-238 87.7 years, Radon-222 3.8 days. That means that Radon-222 disappears the fastest but is therefore also a couple of million times more radioactive than Plutonium-239. 

By The Numbers

ABV 6.2

IBU 33

I reviewed Plutonium 239, another Manhattan Beer Project beer a few weeks ago.

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