After trying two other beers from Manhattan Project Beer company, I decided to try Black Matter Coffee Stout.  I was not disappointed with Black Matter.  

Brewers Description 

“Our passion for coffee runs deep. So deep that if we weren’t in the beer business, we would be in the coffeeA pint glass of dark beer sits next to a can of displaying the name Black Matter Coffee Stout.  The can is black and the lettering is silver. business. And when an opportunity to develop a breakfast-like ale (legal prevents us from using ‘breakfast’ and ‘stout’ next to each other, some trademark nonsense), we jumped at the chance to combine our two loves, coffee and beer.

Black Matter was initially developed for a Creative Mornings event, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a Creative in your life (says the creative of our group), you probably don’t know that Creatives love coffee. And they have no problem with drinking beer at unusual hours, say for breakfast. So it only made sense that we design a coffee stout.

We made a few tweaks after the event, but we’ve remained true to the original recipe design. From first sniff to the finish, the coffee is evident, but not so evident that it is overpowering. You will also discover chocolate, cinnamon, and even a touch of vanilla in both the flavor and aroma. It has a full, silky body with medium carbonation.” 

My observations of Black Matter Coffee Stout 

I poured Black Mater from a 12oz canned.  This beer pours a very dark brown to black stout.  Mine poured with almost no head, just a very thin brown foam on top.    Flavors of raw ground coffee beans and spice are apparent. Maybe a large cup of coffee with cream. The coffee comes first, roasted malt second in a very harmonious, good balance. Some spice and creamy vanilla are also apparent. I am not sure if those are actually in the beer or somehow just popping up as side effects of the ingredients. Black Matter Coffee Stout is a smooth medium body beer.  It has a  velvety mouthfeel. I rate the carbonation as low to medium. Black Matter has a roasty medium-length finish with low bitterness.

By The Numbers

ABV 8.6%

IBU 25

I reviewed Plutonium 239, another Manhattan Beer Project beer a few weeks ago.

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