Hoppenheimer  “West Coast IPA”  surprised me.  I am not normally a fan of IPA beers but this one I liked.

The Pour

I Poured from a 12 oz can into a pint glass. Pours a very clear golden copper color with almost no head.  As you drink nice lacing remains on the side of the glass. I cannot remember another IPA that pours as clear as this one. 

A can of Hoppenhimer IPA from Manhattan Project Beer company is next to a pint glass filled with the golden hazy beer.

The Taste

I tasted pine, resin, and a bit of citrus/hop bitterness upfront but by no means overwhelming. Finishes extremely smooth with a tinge of bitterness.  Hoppenheimer is light in the mouth all the way through. I’m not a big fan of IPAs but this one won me over.

The Brewers Description 

“This beer was created for the IPA lovers out there. It is a perfectly balanced West Coast American IPA with a huge dank hop aroma. At first sniff, you will detect pine, resin, and delicious citrus. Once you finally steal a sip, you will discover that Hoppenheimer has just enough malt and subtle caramel to keep the IPA characteristics in balance. It has medium body and carbonation.”

They recommend pairing Hoppenheimer West Coast IPA with, bacon, fried chicken or carrot cake.

Why the name?

The Manhattan Project Beer Company bases the name of all of their brews on things or people involved in the Manhattan Project.  This was the project for the United States to develop the first atomic weapon.  This beer page hommage to Dr. Robert Oppenhimer. J. Robert Oppenheimer served as director of the Los Alamos Laboratory during the development of the atomic bomb. After the 1939 invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, Oppenheimer was selected to administer a laboratory to carry out the Manhattan Project, the program that developed the first nuclear weapon during World War II. After resigning from his post in 1945, he became the chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission. 

By the Numbers

ABV: 7.4%

IBU: Not Listed

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