This week our beer trip through the Lone Star States continues in the Hill Country.  Altstadt Brewing Kolsch is the subject of this week’s review.

The Pour

Poured from a 12 ounce can into a pint glass.   This Kolsch pours a clear golden/yellow color. A two-finger white head forms with good retention and plenty of lace left behind.  There is plenty of A can of Kolsch beer from Altstadt Brewery is next to a pint glass filled with a clear golden beer with small white head floating on top.carbonation in this beer.   Smells of sweet biscuit malts, light grains, and corn came through as you pour. As you sip, earthy noble hop like hints floats to the nose. This is a simple clean and by the book Kolsch. 

The Taste of Altstadt Kolsch

The taste Altstadt Kolsch begins with a bit of a slightly bready and cracker taste with a touch of grain and grass. There is a tiny bit of a caramel sweetness upfront which gets a touch stronger as the taste moves forward. All the while some hay and grass come to the tongue and leaves one with a moderately sweet and bready taste to linger on the tongue. The body of the brew is on the average side in terms of thickness and creaminess with a carbonation level that is normal. For feel is decent and makes for a nice easy drinking brew.

Brewers Description of Altstadt Kolsch

“Our Kolsch is a crisp, well-balanced blend of select German malts, noble hops, and top fermenting yeast. This results in a light-golden colored, refreshing beverage with just a kiss of hops at the end. This delicate brew is comparable to the finest beers originating from Cologne, only it’s made right here in Texas!”

The Brewery

Located in Fredricksburg Texas, Altstadt Brewing is a unique state of the art brewery.  The hill country north of San Antonio and East of Austin was settled by immigrants from Germany in the 1800’s.  Altstadt is keeping that German brewing alive here in the States by brewing exceptional, easy-drinking beers inspired by the German Purity Laws of 1516.


This beer is really good. At 4.8% it is very drinkable.  The light to medium body makes this a good beer for a warm day.  This is what I want after a Saturday of doing yeard work.  This is perfect for sitting down and watching the game.  Serve with bratwurst or schnitzel (jager schnitzel would be perfect) on the German side or hamburgers and hotdogs for American food.  


By the Numbers

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 20

SRM: 4

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A pinterest pin imange of A can of Kolsch beer from Altstadt Brewery is next to a pint glass filled with a clear golden beer with small white head floating on top.

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