Once again I was in my local supermarket beer section and a new bottle caught my eye.  I was shocked to see a french toast flavored beer.  Beer for breakfast anyone?

A bottle of French Toast Tempterest, from Lakewood Brewing, is next to a pint glass filled with a Dark beer with a dark almond head floating on top.

The Pour

French Toast Temptress pours a deep dark maple syrup color. A dark tan head forms as the pint glass is filled. As soon as the bottle opened the aroma of maple syrup hits the nose.  Hints of bread and butter follow the syrup after a minute.

The Taste of French Toast Temptress

Amazingly this beer really does taste like french toast.  The flavors really mirror the aromas. The first thing you taste is maple syrup.  It is the maple syrup we all remember from our childhood.  The flavor reminds me of Log Cabin Syrup.  After the syrup, the flavors of cinnamon and bred come through to finish the french toast experience.  

Brewers Description

“”Yall want some breakfast?” joked Wim Bens, Founder and President. This time of year calls for a decadent beer and French Toast Temptress checks all the boxes. This newest release is slightly sweeter than regular Temptress with extra vanilla and lots of Grade A maple syrup and a hint of cinnamon. It’s the best part of waking up”

The Brewery

Lakewood Brewing Company is an independent family-owned brewery in Garland Texas. They create unique beers in small batches.  Since selling their first keg in 2012 the operation has grown from 3 to over 20 employees. 

Opinion of French Toast Temptress

This beer is different in a good way.  It is sweeter than the others in the seduction series that I have tried.  Some, like the Peanut Butter Temptress I could drink two or three in a sitting.  This one I could only really have one a night.  If you ever really want a beer to go with breakfast, this is the one.  Do not get me wrong, this is a good beer.  It makes a fabulous dessert beer or a slow sipping beer at a party.   

By the Numbers

ABV 9.1%

IBU 56

OG 1.091

SRM 33

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A Pinterest Pin of a bottle of French Toast Tempteres, from Lakewood Brewing, is next to a pint glass filled with a Dark beer with a dark almond head floating on top.

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