Pandemics are hard. I am not really sure how to start this post. The last few years have been hard to write during as a part-time blogger.

When I looked and all of a sudden it has been almost 9 months since I posted anything, I considered just giving up on this blog. However, then I look back at all of the content I have done and really do not want it to go away.

covid 19 virus

During the pandemic, I took to writing a lot about a lot of beer. While this was a way to produce content and give you something to read, it also had me gaining weight. So I had to stop. I have lost most of it now. I have been able to travel a little and will be writing about that soon.

Going forward, I want to move this toward more travel content. I hope to add a podcast and some youtube videos in the coming months.

Our upcoming travel will be to Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and other places around the South. Some of this is for family and some for the adventure of it. Plans include the Natchez Trace Parkway and Mammoth Cave National Park along with some great food that we are planning along the route.

I am looking forward to what 2022 has to bring in for travel. Things need to get back to normal so we can all move forward and get out and explore this big beautiful world we have. My first goal is to update the blog and give it a facelift with a new layout and a better organization.

I hope that 2022 will bring all of my readers’ health and happiness. We all deserve it after the last few years of dealing with COVID.

Happy New year!

Read about one of my past adventures here.

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