covid 19 virus

COVID-19 and Impacts on the Travel Industry

At this point, unless you have been living in a cave completely off the grid you have heard of the COVID-19 virus.  This virus is impacting travelers and the travel industry like nothing else in history except possibly the World Wars.  People’s vacations are being impacted or canceled, airlines are canceling flights and even the

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My attempt to get to the Roof of Texas, Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Leaving early on a Saturday morning from our homes in South Texas, we headed West on Interstate 10 in the fog that seems to show up every third day or so here.  Our destination in about 9 hours is Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  The park is in and named for the Guadalupe Mountains of West

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Dry Comal Creek Winery and the San Antonio Road Runners Labor Day Whine Run

On Labor Day (1st Monday in September) in the US, a unique wine event takes place.  This is a cooperation between a High end subdivision’s Home owners association, a Real-estate Developer and Winery and a Running club.  The San Antonio Road Runners Labor Day Whine Run.  This 5 mile race through the Vintage Oaks subdivision

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